Home Screen
Home Screen
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Home Screen

The printer’s Home screen shows you the printer’s current status and allows you to access the printer’s menus. You can rotate the image of the printer 360 degrees to view it from all angles.
If the background color of the Home screen is yellow or red, the printer is in an alert or error state. For more information, see Alert and Error States.
The following items are located on the Home screen
Print Status
  • Menu—Allows you to change the printer settings. See User Menus.
  • Wizards—Allows you to change printer settings by going through prompts. See Printer Wizards.
  • Shortcuts—Allows you to quickly access the most recent menu items and to save your favorites. Touch the darkened heart icon next to a menu item to save it to your list of favorites. Items in the favorites are shown in the order in which they were saved.