Using Rewind Mode
Using Rewind Mode

Using Rewind Mode

  1. If you have not already done so, follow the instructions in Inserting the Media into the Printer.
  2. Open the printhead assembly by rotating the printhead-open lever upward.
  3. Slide the media guide all the way out.
    The printhead may be hot and could cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
  4. From the media hanger (1), feed the media under the dancer assembly (2), through the media sensor (3), and under the printhead assembly (4). Slide the media back until it touches the inside back wall of the media sensor.
  5. Extend approximately 18 in. (500 mm) of media out of the printer.
  6. Feed the media over the peel assembly.
  7. Thread the media into the slot below the peel assembly.
  8. Feed the media under the media alignment roller.
  9. Loosen the thumbscrew on the rewind media guide.
  10. Slide the rewind media guide all the way out, and then fold it down.
  11. Slide an empty core onto the rewind spindle.
  12. Wrap the media around the core as shown and turn the rewind spindle to tighten the media. Ensure that the edge of the media is flush against the backplate of the rewind spindle.
  13. Fold up the rewind media guide, and then slide it in until it touches the media.
  14. Tighten the thumbscrew on the rewind media guide.
  15. Slide in the media guide until it just touches the edge of the media.
  16. Does the media that you are using require ribbon for printing? If you are not sure, see Ribbon.
    If using…
    Direct Thermal media (no ribbon needed)
    Continue with step 17.
    Thermal Transfer media (ribbon needed)
    1. If you have not already done so, load ribbon in the printer. (See Loading the Ribbon.)
    2. Continue with step 17.
  17. Rotate the printhead-open lever downward until it locks the printhead in place.
  18. Close the media door and the rewind base door.
  19. Set the printer to Rewind mode. (For more information, see Print > Label Position > Collection Method.)
  20. Press
    to exit pause mode and enable printing.
    The printer may perform a label calibration or feed a label, depending on your settings.
  21. For optimal results, calibrate the printer. (See Calibrating the Ribbon and Media Sensors.)
  22. Verify that your printer is able to print a configuration label by holding both the
    keys for 2 seconds.
Media loading in Rewind mode is complete.