Precision Time Protocol
Precision Time Protocol

Precision Time Protocol

The camera operates as instructed by the Precision Time Protocol defined in IEEE 1588. When the IEEE 1588 primary clock exists in the network where the camera is connected, this function synchronizes the camera to the time of the primary clock.
  • Transport:
    • Multicast UDP datagram (
    Delay Resp is a unicast UDP datagram.
  • Destination port number:
    • 319: Sync, Delay Req, Pdelay Req, Pdelay Resp
    • 320: Announce, Follow Up, Delay Resp, Pdelay Resp, Management, Signaling
  • Items for synchronization:
    • Time synchronization is performed. Frequency tuning is not performed.
  • PTP time data:
    • 80-bit (elapsed time in 1 ns, with 00:00:00, January 1 1970 set as the origin)
  • Timestamp:
    • 64-bit (PTP synchronization: LSB64bit of PTP time data)
  • Supported PTP messages:
    • Announce message (receive only)
    • Sync message (receive only)
    • Follow Up message (receive only)
    • Delay Req message (send only)
    • Delay Resp message (receive only)
The Timestamp Tick Frequency register value is fixed at 1,000,000,000 (1 GHz).
When PTP synchronization is performed, the Timestamp Reset function is disabled.
GenICam handles the timestamp (64-bit) as a 64-bit signed integer. Therefore, 63-bit is the timestamp data without the sign bit.