This section describes potential issues that could arise while using the camera.
Power Supply and Connections
The Power/Trigger LED remains lit amber and does not turn green after power is supplied to the camera.
Camera initialization may not be complete due to a lack of power. Check the 6-pin power cable connection.
The connection might not be established. Check the Ethernet cable connection.
Image Display
Gradation in dark areas is not noticeable.
Use the gamma function to correct the display.
As the light-emitting properties of the monitor are not linear, the entire image may be darker, or the gradation in the dark areas may be less noticeable when the camera outputs are displayed without processing. Using the gamma function performs correction to produce a display close to linear.
Settings and Operations
Settings cannot be saved to user memory.
You cannot save to user memory while the camera is acquiring images.
Stop image acquisition before performing the save operation.
Cannot restore the factory default settings.
Load the
User Set Selector
in the
Feature Properties
tab to restore the factory default settings.