Wall Installation
Wall Installation

Wall Installation

Use the Rack/Wall Mount Bracket to mount battery chargers or a cradle to a wall.
For proper installation, consult a professional installer. Failure to install the bracket properly could result in damage to the hardware.
When installing the rack/wall mount bracket on a wall: 
  • First assemble the bottom tray, install the bottom tray on the wall, and then assemble the top tray.
  • Use mounting hardware (screws and/or anchors) appropriate for the type of wall that the bracket is being mounted to.
    • The Mount Bracket mounting slot dimensions are 5 mm (0.2 in.).
    • Fasteners must be able to hold a minimum of 20 kg (44 lb).
  • Install mounting brackets at the following maximum heights from the ground:
    • 5-slot cradle: 1.2 m (4 ft)
    • 4-slot battery charger: 0.91 m (3 ft)