Camera and Video Settings
Camera and Video Settings

Camera and Video Settings

While in the Camera app, touch Image of camera Settings icon. to display the camera and video setting options.


  • Camera Sounds
    - Select to play a shutter sound when taking a photo. Options: Disable or Enable (default).
  • Location Tags
    - Includes location information when pictures and videos are taken.
  • Storage
    - Set the location to store the photo to: Phone or SD Card.
  • Dirty Lens Detection
    - Notifies when the camera lens might be dirty. Options: Disable (default) or Enable.
  • QR Code Mode
    - Enable to scan QR Codes with the option to launch URL. Options: Disable (default) or Enable.
  • Google Lens
    - Select to enable Google-developed recognition technology that brings up relevant information related to identified objects within an image.
  • Digital Level
    - Display a level line to ensure the photo or video is level. Options: Disable (default) or Enable.
  • Face Detection
    - Select to turn face detection Off (default) or On.
  • Gestures
    - View gestures and power user controls. Gestures include: Swipe Down, Swipe Up, Side Swipe, Tap, Tap + Hold, Double Tap, and Hold Zoom.

Still Camera

  • Photo Grid
    - Displays a 3 x 3 grid guide on the camera viewport. Options: Disabled (default), or Enable.
  • Countdown timer
    - Select Off (default), 3 seconds, or 10 seconds.
  • Picture size
    - The size (in pixels) of the photo to: 16M pixels (default), 8M pixels, WVGA, VGA, QVGA.
  • Picture quality
    - Set the picture quality setting to: Low, Standard, or High (default).
  • Picture Format
    - All still images are saved in JPEG (default) or RAW format.
  • MFNR
    - Sets multi-frame noise reduction to improve quality in low light conditions. Options: Enabled (default), or Disabled.
  • AutoFocus Animation
    - Select to enable or disable the camera focus ring in the camera preview. Options: Disable (default) or Enable.

Video Camera

  • Video quality
    - Set video quality to: 4k UHD (rear camera only), HD 1080p (default), HD 720p, SD 480p, VGA, CIF, or QVGA.
  • Video duration
    - Set to: 30 seconds (MMS), 10 minutes, 30 minutes (default), or no limit.
  • Noise Reduction
    - Off, Fast, or High Quality (default).
  • HEVC Encoder
    - Save video recordings using high-efficiency video codec (HEVC/h265) for smaller file size. Options: Disabled (default), or Enable.
  • Audio Encoder
    - Set the audio encoder to: AMRNB, or AAC (default).
  • Video Rotation
    - Set the rotation of the video to: 0 (default), 90, 180, or 270.


  • Restore defaults
    - Select to restore all settings to the default values.
  • About
    - Displays the software version of the camera app.