Status Icons
Status Icons

Status Icons

Status icons display system information for the device.
Status Icons
Alarm is active.
Main battery is fully charged.
Battery partial icon
Main battery is partially drained.
Battery low icon
Main battery charge is low.
Battery very low icon
Main battery charge is very low.
Charging icon
Main battery is charging.
Problem reading battery meter
Problem reading the battery meter.
Phone shaking icon
All sounds, except media and alarms, are muted. Vibrate mode is active.
All sounds muted icon
All sounds except media and alarms are muted.
Do not disturb mode icon
Do Not Disturb mode active.
Airplane mode icon
Airplane Mode is active. All radios are turned off.
Bluetooth enabled icon
Bluetooth is on.
Bluetooth connected icon
Connected to a Bluetooth device.
Wi-fi connected icon
Connected to a Wi-Fi network. Indicates the Wi-Fi version number.
Wi-fi disconnected icon
Not connected to a Wi-Fi network or no Wi-Fi signal.
Ethernet icon
Connected to an Ethernet network.
Speakerphone enabled icon
Speakerphone enabled.
Orange circle icon
Indicates that the Orange key is locked.
Indicates that the Blue key is pressed.
Indicates that the Blue key is locked.
Alt icon
Indicates that the ALT key is pressed.
Control icon
Indicates that the CTRL key is pressed.
Shift key icon
Indicates that the Shift key is pressed.
Shift locked icon
Indicates that the Shift key is locked.
Large key indicator icon
Indicates that the Large Key Indicator is selected. To enable the large key indicator, go to
Languages & input
Keypad Indicators
Capslock icon
Indicates that the Blue Key and SHIFT key are pressed enabling CAPSLOCK.