Near Field Communications
Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications

NFC/HF RFID is a short-range wireless connectivity technology standard that enables a secure transaction between a reader and a contactless smart card.
The technology is based on ISO/IEC 14443 type A and B (proximity), ISO/IEC 15693 (vicinity), and FeliCa standards, using the HF 13.56 MHz unlicensed band.
Using NFC, the device can:
  • Read contactless cards, such as contactless tickets, ID cards, and ePassport.
  • Read and write information to contactless cards, such as SmartPosters and tickets, as well as devices with an NFC interface, such as vending machines.
  • Read information from supported medical sensors.
  • Pair with supported Bluetooth devices such as printers (for example, ZQ5x, ZD5x), ring scanners (for example, RS6000), and headsets (for example, HS3100).