Printer Info
Printer Info

Printer Info

Printers with the optional Color Touch Display interface include the following features:
  • The printer's Standard Interface controls and status indicators provide a way for you to place the printer in various modes, recognize printer status, and operate the printer.
  • The interactive Color Touch Display shows the normal operation status of the home screen with access to:
    • Print Status and Printer Info — Provide information about the printer.
    • Menu — Navigate the menu to establish and change settings, and to control print operations and file transfers.
    • Wizards — Use these to change printer settings by going through prompts. See Printer Wizards.
    • Shortcuts — Use these to quickly access the most recent menu items and to save your favorites. Touch the darkened heart icon next to a menu item to save it to your list of favorites. Items in the favorites are shown in the order in which they were saved.
The Color Touch Display displays alerts and error messages. If the background color of the Home Screen is yellow or red, the printer is in an alert or error state. For more information, see Resolving Alerts and Errors.
The Color Touch Display also shows a quick link to online instructions and how-to videos that you can access using mobile devices. And it provides access to onboard help.