Printer Wizards
Printer Wizards

Printer Wizards

Printer wizards are designed to assist you by walking you through the setup process for various printer settings and features.
The following wizards are available:
  • Set All Wizard
    — runs all the Wizards in sequence.
  • System Wizard
    — sets up non-print related operating system settings.
  • Connection Wizard
    — configures the printer’s connectivity options.
  • Print Wizard
    — configures key printing parameters and features.
  • RFID Wizard
    — sets up the RFID subsystem’s operations.
When using the Wizards, do not send data to the printer from the host.
For optimal results, use full-width media when running the
Print Wizard
Set All Wizard
. If the media is shorter than an image to be printed, the image may be truncated or it may print across multiple labels.
On the Home screen, touch
to see the available options. For more information about individual settings set by any of the wizards, see User Menus.