Battery Indicators and Controls
Battery Indicators and Controls

Battery Indicators and Controls

The optional printer battery accessory has a simple, one button, four-LED indicator user interface to control and display battery status and health. The battery acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the printer.
For more information on using the battery with your printer and power saving modes (sleep, shutdown, etc.), see Printing with the Attached Battery Base and Battery Option.
Battery Control
Battery health indicator (located on the back of the battery)
Battery charge level indicator (located on the back of the battery)
The exploded view (the circles in the image above) show the health indicator on the top and the three charge-level indicators below it.
Battery Indicators and Controls
Battery Control
button — Enables you to control the battery, both inside and outside of the printer.
  • If you press and release this button when the battery is on , it has this effect:
    • Wakes up (activates power) the battery from Sleep mode or Shutdown mode. The battery health and charge status are checked. The battery indicators all flash on and off together three times. Now, you have one minute to turn printer power on before the battery reverts to a prior Sleep or Shutdown mode.
    • The battery displays the its charge level in the first 10 seconds after internal battery health checks are complete
To place the printer in Shutdown mode, press and hold
Battery Control
for 10–11 seconds and release. The battery starts shutting down.
Approximately three seconds later, all battery LEDs flash three times to let you know the battery has shut down.
Battery Health indicator — Displays the battery’s charging status and health of the battery.
  • Green — Good health, charge complete, and ready to operate.
  • Amber — Charging (printer is OFF).
  • Red — Battery has an internal error. Remove the battery and see Troubleshooting.
  • Flashing red — Charging error (over or under temperature, internal monitoring error, or other)
Battery Charge Level indicator — Displays the battery’s charging status and health of the battery.
  • Three green bars on, indicator does not flash — The battery is fully charged and does not have to continue charging.
  • Two green bars on with the top bar flashing — The battery is at less than full charge.
  • One green bar flash — It is time to charge your battery!
  • No bars on — The battery needs charging, but the Battery Health indicator flashes when
    Battery Control
    is pressed. The printer CANNOT be turned on when the battery is in this state.
  • Amber — The battery is charging.