Status – Printhead Operation
Status – Printhead Operation

Status – Printhead Operation

This table describes status indicator conditions you may see during printhead operations and what those conditions mean.
The printhead may be hot and could cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
Printhead Operation Status Indications
Printhead Over Temp
The printhead is over temperature and paused to allow the printhead to cool. The print operation will resume after the printhead has cooled.
Printhead Under Temp
The printhead is under temperature. Typically, the operating environment is below the printer’s minimum operational temperature.
Printhead Shutdown
The printhead is over temperature. Turn printer power OFF. Wait several minutes to allow the printer to completely cool. Then turn printer power ON.
Printhead Resolution Error
The printer is unable to read the printhead resolution type (dpi). The printhead has been replaced incorrectly or replaced with a non-Zebra-branded printhead.
Unauthorized Printhead Error
The printhead was replaced with one that is not a genuine Zebra printhead. Install a genuine Zebra printhead to continue.