User Interface
User Interface

User Interface

The printer's primary user interface controls are on the front of the device. Two user interface options are available on these printers.
  • Standard User Interface — This interface serves basic printer control and status functions. Operating status is provided by five icon indicator lights. These lights, together and in combination, provide a wide range of printer status notifications. They are visible from a farther distance than the proximity needed to read a printer display screen. See the Meaning of the Indicator Light Patterns.
    • The printer user interface supports various routine tasks such as replacing printing supplies (labels, receipt paper, transfer ribbon, or others). For example, you are notified of a media-out condition by the color and state of two indicators.
    • Each status indicator icon represent a functional area of printer operation (such as SUPPLIES or NETWORK).
    • Depending on the operational state of the printer, the printer's status indicator lights convey the printer's status and activities (data downloading, over-temperature cooling cycle, or other) using a variety of states:
      • off (not lit — does NOT require your attention)
      • lit up red, green, or amber (orange yellow)
      • blinking / flashing
      • fading (bright to off), or
      • lighting up steady in a variety of patterns
    • The color of these status indicators may be:
      • Red — indicates that your attention is needed or that the printer is not ready to print.
      • Green — indicates the printer is ready or functioning.
      • Amber (orange/yellow) — indicates a busy or active process (data downloading, over-temperature cooling cycle, etc.).
    • Control buttons—You will use these in various combinations to access internal utilities that calibrate the printer to your media and change printer settings that are modifiable.
  • Color Display or Color Touch Display (available on some printer ZD printer models) — Provides the means to easily set up and configure the printer. The display is customizable by all user types, The interface includes all standard user interface controls and indicators to provide printer status information.
    • The display option on the printer provides printer status and messages. It supports 19 languages, selectable on the configuration menus or set through programming.
    • The menu system allows you to change print settings (darkness, speed, etc.), run utilities, and set the wired and wireless communication interfaces (serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi) installed on your printer.