Modes of Printing
Modes of Printing

Modes of Printing

Depending on your printer type, model and options, it may support one or more of these modes and media configurations.
Print Modes
Direct Thermal printing
Uses heat-sensitive media to print.
When setting this mode, use media that supports Direct Thermal printing. See Determining Thermal Media Types.
Thermal Transfer printing
Requires ribbon rolls or a thermal transfer ribbon cartridge to print. While printing, heat and pressure transfer ink from the ribbon to the media.
When using Thermal Transfer printing, be sure to use thermal transfer media. See Determining Thermal Media Types.
Standard tear-off mode
Allows you to tear off each label or batch-print a strip of labels and tear them off after the printer has printed the label(s).
Label dispense mode
If your printer has the optional factory-installed label dispenser, the dispenser automatically peels away the backing material from a label as it is being printed before it prints the next label.
Media cutting mode
If your printer has the optional factory-installed media cutter, the printer cuts the label liner between the labels, the receipt paper, or the tag stock.
Linerless media printing
In linerless printing, the printer accommodates cut or tear-off options for the easy pick-and-place of labels.
Standalone operation (printer operates on its own without a live network connection)
The printer can print an auto-running label format or form (programming based) without being actively connected to a networked device such as a computer.
  • On printers with the color display or color-touch display option, you can use menus to access and print a label format or form.
  • You can use a Link-OS app which enables you to connect to the printer using the Bluetooth (wireless) option.
  • You can print using an auto-running label format or form (programming based).
  • Your printer supports data-input devices that can be connected to the printer’s USB Host port or serial port. Data-input devices include scanners, weighing scales, or Zebra Keyboard Display Units (ZKDUs).
Shared network printing mode
Printers configured with factory-installed Ethernet (LAN) and Wi-Fi (WLAN) interface options ship with an internal print server to enable wired and wireless networking respectively.