Types of Thermal Media
Types of Thermal Media

Types of Thermal Media

Zebra strongly recommends the use of Zebra-brand supplies in order to ensure consistent high-quality printing. A wide range of paper, polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl stock has been specifically engineered to enhance the printing capabilities of the printer and to prevent premature printhead wear.
To purchase supplies, go to zebra.com/supplies.
Your printer can use various types of media:
  • Standard media—Most standard (non-continuous) media uses an adhesive backing that sticks individual labels or a continuous length of labels to a liner.
  • Continuous roll media—Most continuous roll media is direct thermal media (similar to fax paper) and is used for receipt or ticket style printing.
  • Tag stock—Tags are usually made from a heavy paper (up to 0.19mm or 0.0075 in. thick). Tag stock does not have adhesive or a liner, and it is typically perforated between tags.
Whereas roll media is the most common type of media used, your printer can also use continuous media and fanfold media.
The locking printer models can handle only media that is loadable within the printer's media compartment. They are not recommended for fanfold media printing.