Setting the Power Failure Recovery Mode Jumper
Setting the Power Failure Recovery Mode Jumper

Setting the Power Failure Recovery Mode Jumper

The printer can be configured to restart itself unattended and unaided after a power failure by setting it to this mode.
Power Failure Recovery Mode is available ONLY on printers that have a printer connectivity module installed.
The printer connectivity modules have a power failure recovery jumper. The jumper is set to OFF by default. By setting the jumper to ON, you can make the printer automatically Power ON when it is plugged into an active AC power source (meaning printer power is ON).
The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the surface of the human body or other surfaces can damage or destroy the printhead or electronic components used in this device. You must observe static-safe procedures when working with the printhead or the electronic components.
  1. Disconnect the DC power plug and any interface connectors from the rear of the printer.
  2. Remove the module access door and connectivity module. See Removing Printer Connectivity Modules which includes instructions for ZD421 printers.
    The module removal steps for ZD621 printers is similar to that for ZD421 printers.
  3. Move the AUTO (Power Failure Recovery Mode) jumper from the OFF position to the ON position.
  4. Reinstall the connectivity module and module access door. See Installing the Internal Ethernet (LAN) Module or Installing the Serial Port Module.
    The procedures for the connectivity module installation are the same for the ZD621 printers as they are for the ZD421 printers.
  5. Reconnect the printer DC power plug and interface cables to the printer.