Windows-to-Printer Communication Setup (Process Overview)
Windows-to-Printer Communication Setup (Process Overview)

Windows-to-Printer Communication Setup (Process Overview)

Use this overview to understand how to set up your printer using the most common (supported) Windows operating systems and a local (wired) connection.
You may also set up your printer using factory-installed Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as described in asas Setting Up the Wi-Fi Print Server Option  and Configuring the Printer Using Bluetooth.
  1. Download the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) from one of the printer information pages listed in About This Guide.
  2. Make sure printer power is OFF.
  3. Run Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU)  from your Download directory.
  4. Click
    Install New Printer
    and run the installation wizard.
  5. Click
    Install Printer
    , then select your printer’s model number from the list of Zebra printers.
  6. Select the appropriate USB port and connect to the PC.
    You can use the USB interface for a wizard-guided installation of networked devices or Bluetooth Classic (4.0) devices.
  7. When the installation wizard instructs you to do so, turn printer power ON.
  8. Use the wizard to configure printer communications for the selected interface type.
  9. Perform a print test to verify that your printer has been set up properly. See how to output a test print in After Your Printer is Connected.
If you did not install the printer drivers before connecting to the printer when it was powered ON, see What To Do If You Forget to Install the Printer Drivers First.