Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)
Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)

Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45)

Your printer requires UTP RJ-45 Ethernet cable rated CAT-5 or better.
Your printer must be physically connected to your Ethernet / LAN network using the appropriate cable and be configured properly to make a network connection and operate on your network.
The printer includes an in-built network print server which can be accessed through the printer’s print server web pages.
Ethernet cable (RJ-45 connector)
For information on how to configure your printer to run on a compatible Ethernet / LAN, see the Wired and Wireless Print Server User Guide.

Ethernet Status / Activity Indicators

The Ethernet connector on the printer has two status / activity indicators. These indicators are partially visible to provide interface status at the connector.
The printer has user interface also has indicator lights. These lights display printer network operation status. See Meaning of the Indicator Light Patterns for more details.
LED Status
Both OFF
No Ethernet link detected.
100 Mbps link detected.
Green with the Amber flashing
100 Mbps link and Ethernet activity detected.
10 Mbps link detected.
Amber with the Green flashing
10 Mbps link and Ethernet activity detected.