Roll Media Types and Loading
Roll Media Types and Loading

Roll Media Types and Loading

The printers support the three basic types of media: continuous media, marked media, and label media. All three types are loaded the same way for the printer models described in this guide.
  • Continuous has no marks that define print length. These are typically used for receipts.
  • Marked media comes with black lines, black marks, notches, or holes that help the printer sense print length.
  • Label media avails of the print sensor's ability to look through the media backing (liner) and sense the beginning and end of labels on the roll.
The printer uses two sensing methods to accommodate a wide range of media:
  • Center-area transmissive sensing for continuous media and gap/web label media.
  • Full-width movable (reflective) sensing for print format (length) using black marks, black lines, notches, or holes.