Sensor Profile
Sensor Profile

Sensor Profile

Use the sensor profile image—which typically prints across several labels or tags—for diagnostics if the printer is not accurately sensing gaps between labels, if it incorrectly identifies pre-printed areas on a label as gaps, or cannot detect ribbon.
With the printer in the Ready state, print a sensor profile in one of these ways:
  • Using the printer buttons — Turn printer power OFF, then turn printer power ON while holding down
    simultaneously. Continue pressing these buttons until the Status indicator is the only indicator lit.
  • Using ZPL — Send a
    command to the printer. See the ZPL Programming Guide for more information on this command. The guide is available for download from
Compare your results to the examples shown in Performing a Communication Diagnostics Test. If sensor sensitivity must be adjusted, calibrate the printer. See Manually Calibrating Media.
Sensor Profile (Gap Media)
Sensor Profile (Black Mark Tag Media)
MEDIA (indicates media sensor readings line)
WEB (indicates media sensor threshold settings line)
OUT (indicates media out threshold line)
Upward spikes (indicate gaps between labels (the 'web')
Lines between the spikes (indicate where labels are located)
Compare the sensor profile printout to a length of one media form (ex., a label). The spikes should be the same distance apart as the gaps are on the media.
If the gap distances are not the same, the printer is having difficulty determining where the gaps are located. Try calibrating the printer to the media that is loaded.