Alert: Ribbon Out
Alert: Ribbon Out

Alert: Ribbon Out

The printer is printing and stops while printing. Or, a print job has been sent to the printer and the printer immediately reports this alert.
Status indicator alert:
Display alert:
Possible causes and resolutions:
  • The printer has detected the end of the ribbon. The ends of Genuine Zebra Transfer Ribbons have reflective trailers which the printer interprets as end of ribbon, meaning the ribbon supply has been used up. Remove the ribbon and replace the ribbon rolls or ribbon cartridge, then close the printer. You may need to press
    one time or press
    to get the printer to resume your print operation. See Detecting and Recovering from a Ribbon-Out Condition.
  • For ZD421 Ribbon Cartridge printers: A ribbon cartridge must be loaded in the printer. The printer is set for Thermal Transfer mode. See Loading the Ribbon Cartridge – ZD421 Ribbon Cartridge Printers Only.
  • For ZD421 Ribbon Cartridge Printers only: The printer is unable to sense media possibly because:
    • The ribbon cartridge data chip or cartridge sensor contacts is dirty.
    • Data in memory is corrupted.
    • The cartridge or printer components are faulty.
    To fix this problem:
    • Try another working ribbon cartridge if you have one.
    • Clean the ribbon cartridge chip with an alcohol-moistened swab.
    • Clean the ribbon cartridge sensor’s contact pins. See Cleaning the Sensor – Upper Half of the ZD421 Ribbon Cartridge Printers for cleaning instructions.
    • Reload the printer’s firmware. See Updating Printer Firmware.
    • If this does not fix this issue, call a service technician.