ZPL Programming for Memory Management
ZPL Programming for Memory Management

ZPL Programming for Memory Management

PL has various printer memory locations that are used to run the printer, assemble the print image, and store formats (forms), graphics, fonts, and configuration settings.
The printer file-naming requirements as as follows:
  • ZPL treats formats (forms), fonts, and graphics like files; and memory locations like disk drives in the DOS operating system environment:
    • Memory Object Naming: Up to 16 alphanumeric characters followed by a three alphanumeric character file extension, for example,
    • Legacy ZPL printers with v60.13 firmware and earlier can only use the 8.3 filename format versus today’s 16.3 filename format.
  • Allows moving of objects between memory locations and deleting objects.
  • Supports DOS-directory-style file list reports as printouts or status to the host.
  • Allows use of wildcards (
    ) when accessing files.
Object Management and Status Report Commands
Print Directory Label
Prints a list of objects and resident barcodes and fonts in all addressable memory locations.
Print Configuration Report
Prints a configuration report report.
Object Delete
Deletes objects from printer memory.
Transfer Object
Used to copy an object or group of objects from one memory area to another.
Change Memory Letter Designation
Reassigns a letter designation to a printer memory area.
Initialize Flash memory
Similar to formatting a disk. Erases all objects from the specified memory locations B: or E:.
Reset Optional Memory
Similar to formatting a disk. Erases all objects from the B: memory (factory option).
Download Objects
Downloads and installs a variety of printer-usable programming objects: fonts (OpenType and TrueType), graphics, and other object data types.
You can use ZebraNet Bridge to download graphics and fonts to the printer.
Download Graphic
Downloads an ASCII Hex representation of a graphic image. This is used by ZebraDesigner (label creation application) for graphics.
Font Linking
Appends secondary TrueType font or fonts to the primary TrueType font to add glyphs (characters).
List Font Links
Prints a list of the linked fonts.
Font Identifier
Assigns a single alphanumeric character as an alias to a font stored in memory.
Some ZPL fonts that are factory-installed in your printer cannot be copied, cloned, or restored to the printer by reloading or updating firmware. If these license-restricted ZPL fonts are removed using an explicit ZPL object delete command, they must be repurchased and reinstalled using a font activation and installation utility. EPL fonts do not have this restriction.