Loading the Ribbon
Loading the Ribbon

Loading the Ribbon

This section applies only to printers that have the Thermal Transfer option installed.
Ribbon is used only with thermal transfer labels. For direct thermal labels, do not load ribbon in the printer. To determine if ribbon must be used with a particular media, see When to Use Ribbon.
While performing any tasks near an open printhead, remove all rings, watches, hanging necklaces, identification badges, or other metallic objects that could touch the printhead. You are not required to turn off the printer power when working near an open printhead, but Zebra recommends it as a precaution. If you turn off the power, you will lose all temporary settings, such as label formats, and you must reload them before you resume printing.
Use ribbon that is wider than the media to protect the printhead from wear. Ribbon must be coated on the outside.
Watch the video: Loading the Ribbon.
  1. Raise the media door.
    The printhead may be hot and could cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
  2. Open the printhead assembly by rotating the printhead-open lever.
  3. Place the roll of ribbon on the ribbon supply spindle with the loose end of the ribbon unrolling as shown. Push the roll back as far as it will go.
  4. Your printer shipped with an empty ribbon core on the ribbon take-up spindle. If this core is no longer there, place an empty ribbon core on the ribbon take-up spindle. Push the core back as far as it will go.
  5. Bring the ribbon under the printhead assembly as shown.
  6. With the ribbon tracking as far back as it can under the printhead assembly:
    1. Wrap the ribbon around the core on the ribbon take-up spindle.
    2. Rotate the spindle several turns in the direction shown to tighten and align the ribbon.
  7. If media is already loaded, rotate the printhead-open lever downward until it locks the printhead in place.
    Otherwise, continue with Loading the Media.
  8. Close the media door.
  9. If necessary, press
    to enable printing.