Miscellaneous Issues
Miscellaneous Issues

Miscellaneous Issues

This table identifies miscellaneous issues with the printer, the possible causes, and the recommended solutions.
For videos of some common procedures, go to www.zebra.com/zt200-info.
Miscellaneous Printer Problems
Possible Cause
Recommended Solution
The control panel display shows a language that I cannot read
The language parameter was changed through the control panel or a firmware command.
  1. On the control panel display, scroll to LANGUAGE Menu.
  2. Press
    to access the items in this menu.
  3. Use the
    to scroll through the language selections. The selections for this parameter are displayed in the actual languages to make it easier for you to find one that you are able to read.
  4. Select the language that you want to display.
The display is missing characters or parts of characters
The display may need replacing.
Call a service technician.
Changes in parameter settings did not take effect
Some parameters are set incorrectly.
  1. Check the parameters and change or reset if necessary.
  2. Turn the printer off (O) and then on (I).
A firmware command turned off the ability to change the parameter.
Refer to the Programming Guide for ZPL, ZBI, Set‑Get‑Do, Mirror, and WML or call a service technician.
A firmware command changed the parameter back to the previous setting.
If the problem persists, there may be a problem with the main logic board.
Call a service technician.
Non-continuous labels are being treated as continuous labels.
The printer was not calibrated for the media being used.
Calibrate the printer. See Calibrating the Ribbon and Media Sensors.
The printer is configured for continuous media.
Set the printer for the correct media type (gap/notch, continuous, or mark). See Media Type.
All indicator lights are on, nothing is on the display (if the printer has a display), and the printer locks up.
Internal electronic or firmware failure.
Call a service technician.
The printer locks up while running the Power‑On Self Test.
Main logic board failure.
Call a service technician.