Common Desktop Printer Features
Common Desktop Printer Features

Common Desktop Printer Features

OpenAccess design
To simplify media loading.
Color-coded touch points (for operator controls and media guides)
For ease of using the printer.
Single control (
) button and a single, multicolor status indicator
Zebra’s printer operating system (OS)
An open platform with software tools needed to integrate, manage, and maintain the printer.
Media roll support
  • Outer Diameter (O.D.): Up to 127 mm (5 in.)
  • Inner Diameter (I.D.) roll cores:12.7 mm (0.5 in.), 25.4 mm (1 in.), and an optional 38.1 mm (1.5 in.) media-core adapter set
Half-width movable media sensor
Compatibility with a wide range of media types:
  • Full and partial width black mark media and notched/slotted media—the printer can be set to center to the left side of media for printing.
  • Label gap/web media—the printer features a center-position transmissivity sensor.
Font support
  • On-the-fly OpenType and TrueType font scaling and import
  • Unicode
  • Selection of resident bitmap fonts
Backwards-compatibility focused technology
Eases printer replacement.
  • Drop-in replacement of legacy Zebra desktop printers.
  • Accepts both EPL and ZPL programming language instructions.
Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 interface
For convenient connectivity.
Factory-installed network models
Support printer configuration using a setup utility running on mobile devices.
XML-enabled printing
Used for barcode label printing to lower license fees and print server hardware requirements (thereby lowering customization and programming costs).
Zebra global printing solution
Supports the following:
  • Microsoft Windows keyboard encoding (and ANSI), Unicode UTF-8 and UTF-16 (Unicode Transformation Formats)
  • XML
  • ASCII (7-bit and 8-bit used by legacy programs and systems), basic single- and double-byte font encoding
  • JIS and Shift-JIS (Japanese International Standards)
  • Hexadecimal encoding
  • Custom character mapping (DAT table creation, font linking, and character remapping)
  • For China only: Printers have the Simplified Chinese SimSun font pre-installed.
Minimum of 50 MB of internal (
) printer memory
To store forms, fonts, and graphics.