Cutter Option Specifications
Cutter Option Specifications

Cutter Option Specifications

These specifications apply to printers with the media-cutter option which enables full-width cutting of label liner, tag, or receipt media.
A medium-duty cutter for cutting label liner and light tag media (LINER/TAG).
Do NOT cut through labels, adhesive or embedded circuitry.
Paper thickness
  • Maximum: 0.1905 mm (0.0075 in.)
  • Minimum: 0.06 mm (0.0024 in.)
Cut width
  • Direct thermal printers maximum: 108 mm (4.25 in.)
  • Thermal transfer printers maximum: 12 mm (4.41 in.)
  • Minimum: 15 mm (0.585 in.)
Distance between labels (label length)
Minimum: 25.4mm (1 in.)
The cutter may jam or error if shorter media lengths are used between cuts.
By design, the cutter is self-cleaning. The internal cutter mechanism does NOT require preventive maintenance.