Setting Up the Printer (Process Overview)
Setting Up the Printer (Process Overview)

Setting Up the Printer (Process Overview)

  1. Place the printer in a safe location with access to power and where you can connect interface cables or wirelessly to the system.
  2. Attach the printer and power supply to a grounded AC power source.
  3. Select and prepare media for your printer.
  4. Load the media (see Loading Roll Media).
  5. Power ON the printer (see Power Button).
  6. Run a SmartCal Media calibration to calibrate the printer to the media (see Running a SmartCal Media Calibration).
  7. Print a Configuration Report to verify basic printer operation (see Test Printing with the Configuration Report).
  8. Turn printer power OFF.
  9. Choose a method to set up device-to-printer communications, wired or wireless. Available wired local connections are USB port and factory-installed Ethernet (LAN). You may also used a WLAN or Bluetooth connection as described in Setup for Windows OS.
  10. If using a physical connection, attach the printer cable to the network or host system with the printer powered OFF.
    Wait to turn printer power ON. Install the drivers first using the Zebra Setup Utilities (see Setup for Windows OS for details). The setup utility will prompt you to turn printer power ON at the appropriate juncture in the setup process. If you connected the central device to the printer and turned printer power ON before installing the drivers, see What To Do If You Forget to Install the Printer Drivers First.
  11. Begin the second phase of the printer setup, typically Setup for Windows OS.