Using the Linerless Options
Using the Linerless Options

Using the Linerless Options

The Linerless Media Tear-Off and Cutter options operate much like the standard media printers. These options include an additional sensor to detect when a printed and presented label is taken from the printer.
Linerless printers require special cleaning processes to maximize the platen (drive) roller and special non-stick surfaces in the printer and media path areas.
The Linerless printing option allows you to print a multi-label format/form that stops between each label. Removing the dispensed (peeled) label triggers the printer to print and dispense the next label until all labels have been printed.
To use dispense mode, set MEDIA HANDLING to PEEL-OFF in the printer driver or with the Zebra Setup Utilities using the Configure Printer Settings wizard.
Alternatively, send the appropriate ZPL programming commands to the printer. When programming in ZPL, you can use the command sequences shown below to configure the printer to use the dispenser option:
  • ^XA ^MMP ^XZ
  • ^XA ^JUS ^XZ
For details, see the ZPL Programming Guide available for download from