Printer Setup Overview
Printer Setup Overview

Printer Setup Overview

Review this overview and prepare for the setup before you begin the physical printer setup.
  • Install any printer hardware options first. See Install Hardware Options.
  • Place the printer in a safe location with access to power and where you can connect interface cables or wirelessly to the system.
  • Attach the printer and power supply to a grounded AC power source. See  Attaching the Printer to a Power Source.
  • Select and prepare media for your printer. See Media.
  • Load the media. See Loading Media.
  • Turn printer power ON.
  • Calibrate the printer for the media. See Running a SmartCal Media Calibration.
  • Print a Configuration Report to verify basic printer operation. See Test Printing with a Configuration Report.
  • Turn printer power OFF.
  • Choose a method to communicate to and manage your printer using a wired or wireless connection. The available wired local connection types are:
    • USB port
    • Serial port (option available for your printer)
    • Ethernet (LAN) (option available for your printer)
  • Attach the printer cable to the network or host system, making sure printer power is OFF.
  • Begin the second phase of printer setup,  typically Setup for Windows.