Issue: Settings are Lost or Ignored
Issue: Settings are Lost or Ignored

Issue: Settings are Lost or Ignored

Some parameters are set incorrectly.
Possible causes and resolutions:
  • Printer settings were changed without saving them. The ZPL
    command was not used to save your configuration before turning the printer off. Turn printer power OFF and back ON to verify settings have been saved.
  • The label format/form commands or commands sent directly to the printer have syntax errors or have been used incorrectly.
    • A firmware command turned off the ability to change the parameter.
    • A firmware command changed the parameter back to default setting.
    Refer to the ZPL Programming Guide to verify command usage and syntax. The guide is available from the support pages listed in About This Guide.
  • The prefix and delimiter characters set in the printer do not match the ones in the label format. Verify the ZPL programming settings of the Control, Command and Delimiter settings are correct for your system software environment. Print a Configuration Report or use the display Language Menu (if present) for these three menu items and compare it the commands in label format/form you are trying to print. See Test Printing with a Configuration Report, System > Language, and ZPL Configuration.
  • The Main Logic board may not be working properly. Firmware is corrupted or the printer needs service.
    • Reset the printer to factory defaults. See System > Settings > Restore Defaults or use the Zebra Setup Utility and select
      Open Printer Tools
      Load printer defaults
    • Reload printer firmware. See Updating Printer Firmware.
    • If the printer does not recover from this error, call a service technician. This is not a user-serviceable item.