Inserting the Media into the Printer
Inserting the Media into the Printer
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Inserting the Media into the Printer

The media loading path is the same for both roll and fanfold media. Roll media is shown in most images in this section.
  1. Open the media cover.
    Open the media cover with the tear option
  2. Remove and discard any tags or labels that are torn or dirty or that are held by adhesives or tape.
  3. Slide out and flip down the media supply guide.
  4. Insert roll or fanfold media into the printer.
    Type of media
    Roll media
    Roll media.
    Place the roll of media on the media supply hanger. Push the roll as far back as it will go.
    Fanfold media
    Fanfold media
    1. Insert the fanfold media through the rear of the printer.
    2. Drape the media over the media supply hanger.
  5. Flip up the media supply guide.
  6. Slide in the media supply guide until it touches the edge of the roll.
  7. Which collection method are you using? (See Determining the Media Handling Method.)
    If using...
    Tear Off
    Continue with Using Tear-Off Mode.
    Peel Off
    Continue with Using Peel Mode.
    Cutter or Delayed Cut