Cleaning the Peel Assembly
Cleaning the Peel Assembly
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Cleaning the Peel Assembly

The peel assembly consists of several spring-loaded rollers to ensure the proper roller pressure. Clean the pinch roller and tear-off/peel-off bar if adhesive buildup begins to affect peel performance.
Do not use your left hand to assist in closing the Peel assembly. The top edge of the Peel roller/assembly could pinch your fingers.
If adhesive buildup affects peel-off performance, complete these steps.
  1. Open the media cover.
    Open the media cover with the tear option
  2. The printhead may be hot and could cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
  3. Release the printhead assembly.
    As the printhead lever rotates upward, the printhead assembly pivots upward.
  4. Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever to open the peel assembly.
  5. Remove any media liner to expose the pinch roller.
  6. While manually rotating the pinch roller, clean it thoroughly with the swab from the Preventive Maintenance Kit (part number 47362). In place of the Preventive Maintenance Kit, you may use a clean swab dipped in 99.7% isopropyl alcohol. Allow the solvent to evaporate.
  7. Use the swab to remove excess adhesive from the tear-off/peel-off bar. Allow the solvent to evaporate.
    Apply minimum force when cleaning the tear-off/peel-off bar. Excessive force can cause the tear-off/peel-off bar to bend, which could have a negative effect on peel performance.
  8. Reload the media liner through the peel mechanism. For instructions, see Using Peel Mode.
  9. Close the peel assembly using the peel-off mechanism release lever.
    Use the peel-off mechanism release lever and your right hand to close the peel assembly. Do not use your left hand to assist in closing. The top edge of the peel roller/assembly could pinch your fingers.
  10. Close the printhead assembly.
  11. Close the media cover.
    Close the media cover with the tear option
  12. Press
    to exit pause mode and enable printing.
    The printer may perform a label calibration or feed a label, depending on your settings.