Printer Diagnostics
Printer Diagnostics

Printer Diagnostics

Self tests and other diagnostics provide specific information about the condition of the printer. The self tests produce sample printouts and provide specific information that helps determine the operating conditions for the printer.
Use full-width media when performing self tests. If your media is not wide enough, the test labels may print on the platen roller. To prevent this from happening, check the print width, and ensure that the width is correct for the media that you are using.
Each self test is enabled by pressing a specific control panel key or combination of keys while turning on (I) the printer power. Keep the key(s) pressed until the first indicator light turns off. The selected self test automatically starts at the end of the Power-On Self Test. (See Power-On Self Test.)
When performing these self tests:
  • Do NOT send data to the printer from the host (computer or handheld device).
  • When canceling a self test prior to its actual completion, always reset the printer by turning printer power off (
    ) and then on (
  • Be aware that, if your media is shorter than the label to be printed, the test label will continue printing on the next label.