Removing Used Ribbon
Removing Used Ribbon

Removing Used Ribbon

At minimum, remove used ribbon from the ribbon take-up spindle each time you change the roll of ribbon.
With ribbon that is half or less the width of the printhead, remove used ribbon each time you load a new roll of media. This ensures that uneven pressure on the ribbon take-up spindle does not interfere with the ribbon release bars on the spindle.
  1. Has the ribbon run out?
    If the ribbon...
    Ran out
    Continue with the next step in this procedure.
    Did not run out
    Cut or break the ribbon before the ribbon take-up spindle.
    Do not cut the ribbon directly on the ribbon take-up spindle. Doing so may damage the spindle.
  2. While holding the ribbon take-up spindle, turn the ribbon release knob to the left until it stops.
    The ribbon release bars pivot down, easing the spindle’s grip on the used ribbon.
  3. After the ribbon release bars have pivoted down, if possible, turn the ribbon take-up spindle one full turn to the right to help loosen the ribbon on the spindle.
  4. Slide the used ribbon off the ribbon take-up spindle and discard.