Inspecting the Contents of the Box
Inspecting the Contents of the Box

Inspecting the Contents of the Box

Ensure that the printer box contains all the items you need to set it up.
Zebra Technologies is not responsible for any damage incurred during the shipment of the equipment and will not repair this damage under warranty.
  1. Verify that a power cable is included in the box with the printer.
    Additional items may be included, depending on the options ordered with the printer.
  2. If anything is missing, notify your authorized Zebra reseller.
  3. Immediately unwrap the printer and inspect for shipping damage.
    • Save all packing materials.
    • Check all exterior surfaces for damage.
    • Raise the media door, and inspect the media compartment for damage to components.
  4. If you discover shipping damage upon inspection:
    • Immediately notify the shipping company and file a damage report.
    • Keep all packaging material for shipping company inspection.
    • Notify your authorized Zebra reseller.
  5. The printer shipped with several protective items for shipping, including a film of plastic over the transparent window on the media door. Before operating the printer, remove these protective items.