Printing a Test Label and Making Adjustments
Printing a Test Label and Making Adjustments

Printing a Test Label and Making Adjustments

After you have loaded media, loaded ribbon (if using Thermal Transfer mode), installed the printer driver, and connected your printer to your computer, use the directions in this section to print a test label. Printing this label allows you to see if your connection is working and if you need to adjust any of the printer settings.
  1. Turn- printer power off (
  2. Press and hold
    while turning on (
    ) the printer. Hold
    until the first control panel light turns off.
    The printer prints a printer configuration label and then a network configuration label as shown in these examples.
    Sample Printer Configuration Label
    Sample Network Configuration Label
  3. Did the label print, and was it of acceptable print quality?
    The label printed and the print quality is acceptable
    Your printer is ready for printing. See Installing Label Design Software.
    The label did not print
    1. Close the
      window and make sure that you selected the correct printer driver before you click
      Open Printer Tools
      . Try printing the label again.
    2. If the label still did not print, check the connections between the printer and your computer or the printer and your network.
    3. If necessary, modify the printer's settings to make them match the settings of your computer or network. See Network Settings.
    The label prints, but with poor quality or other issues
    See Printing Issues for troubleshooting instructions.