Loading the Media
Loading the Media

Loading the Media

Use the instructions in this section to load either roll or fanfold media for the label collection method you plan to use.
You do not have to turn printer power off when working near an open printhead, but Zebra recommends it as a precaution. If you turn off the power, you will lose all temporary settings, such as label formats, and you must reload them before you resume printing.
The media path is the same for roll and fanfold media.
  1. Raise the media door.
  2. Remove and discard any tags or labels that are torn or dirty or that are held by adhesives or tape.
  3. Insert roll or fanfold media into the printer. While the media loading path is the same for both media types, this step will be different.
    If using roll media...
    Place the roll on the media supply spindle and push the roll as far back as it will go.
    If using fanfold media...
    You can place the supplies and feed them one of two ways:
    • from behind the printer (see image on the left below), or
    • from under the printer, using the bottom access slot (see image on the right below).
  4. Use one of the links listed here to finish loading the media depending on the media collection method you plan to use:
    If using...
    Complete the steps listed in...
    Tear Off
    Peel Off or Applicator
    Cutter or Delayed Cut