3.5 mm Audio Adapter
3.5 mm Audio Adapter

3.5 mm Audio Adapter

The 3.5 mm Audio Adapter plugs into the device and connects to a wired headset with a 3.5 mm plug.
The Audio Adapter is available for the TC53 device standard configuration.
To attach a 3.5 mm headset:
  1. Open the headset jack cover.
  2. Insert the 3.5 mm Audio Adapter plug into the headset jack.
    Image of inserting the 3.5 mm audio adapter into the device.
  3. Connect the 3.5 mm connector plug of the headset into the 3.5 mm Audio Adapter.
    Image of connecting the 3.5 mm connector plug.
    After removing headset, headset jack cover must be replaced and securely seated to ensure proper device sealing.