True Hot Swap Battery Replacement
True Hot Swap Battery Replacement

True Hot Swap Battery Replacement

  1. True Hot Swap applies to premium devices only.
    To perform a True Hot Swap:
  2. If a hand strap is attached, remove the hand strap.
  3. Press the two battery latches down.
    Image of battery latches.
    Do not attempt to insert fingers under the latches when pulling on the battery. Damage to the latches may occur.
  4. While pressing the latches down, press the two latches in toward the center of the device. The latches must be pressed in completely to release the battery.
  5. Lift the battery from the device. A 30 second countdown timer displays. The backup super capacitor takes over immediately and the device remains powered with the display dimmed.
    Image of battery lifting.
  6. If the battery is not replaced after 30 seconds (max.), the device display turns off and the device enters into memory persistence state for an additional 60 seconds (max.).
  7. Insert the replacement battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment in the back of the device.
  8. Press the battery down until the battery release latches snap into place. If the device display turn off, it should automatically turn on.
  9. If the device does not automatically turn on, press and hold the power button for 6 seconds and the device reboots.
  10. Replace the hand strap, if required.