Call Settings
Call Settings

Call Settings

To modify phone call settings, on the Home screen touch
blue phone icon
menu icon of three round dots
Not all options are available for all configurations
  • Display options
    • Sort by
      - Set to
      First name
      Last name
    • Name format
      - Set to
      First name first
      Last name first
  • Sounds and vibrations
    - Touch to edit the general sound settings for the device.
  • Quick responses
    - Touch to edit quick responses to use instead of answering a call.
  • Speed dial settings
    - Set speed dial contact shortcuts.
  • Calling accounts
    • Settings
      - Touch a mobile provider to display options for that provider.
      • Fixed Dialing Numbers
        - Set to only allow the phone to dial the phone number(s) or area code(s) specified in a Fixed Dialing list.
      • Call forwarding
        - Set to forward incoming calls to a different phone number.
        Call Forwarding may not be available on all networks. Check with the service provider for availability.
      • Additional Settings
        • Caller ID
          - Set caller ID to reveal the identity of the person making an outgoing call. Options: Network default (default), Hide number, Show number.
        • Call waiting
          - Set to be notified of an incoming call while on a call.
    • SIP accounts
      - Choose to receive Internet calls for accounts added to the device, view or change SIP accounts, or add an Internet calling account.
    • Use SIP calling
      - Set to
      For all calls
      Only for SIP calls
    • Receive incoming calls
      - Enable to allow incoming calls (default - disabled).
    • Wi-Fi calling
      - Enable to allow Wi-Fi calling and set the Wi-Fi calling preference (default - disabled).
    • Call barring
      - Set to block certain types of incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Blocked numbers
    - Set to block calls and texts from certain phone numbers. Touch ADD A NUMBER to block a phone number.
  • Voicemail
    - Configure voicemail settings.
    • Notifications
      - Configure voicemail notification settings.
      • Importance
        - Set the notification importance to Urgent, High (default), Medium, or Low.
      • Alerting
        - Touch to receive sound and vibration notifications when a voicemail is received. Use toggle switches to enable or disable Pop on screen, Blink light, Show notification dot, and Override Do Not Disturb.
      • Silent
        - Touch to silence sound and vibration notifications when a voicemail is received. Use toggle switches to enable or disable Minimize, Show notification dot, and Override Do Not Disturb.
      • Sound
        - Select a sound to play for notifications from this app.
      • Vibrate
        - Allow notifications from this app to vibrate the device.
      • Blink light
        - Allow notifications from this app the light the Notification LED blue.
      • Show notification dot
        - Allow notifications from this app to add a notification dot to the app icon.
      • Override Do Not Disturb
        - Allow these notifications to interrupt when Do Not Disturb is enabled.
    • Advanced Settings
      • Service
        - Set the service provider or other provider for voicemail service.
      • Setup
        - Select to update the phone number used to access voicemail.
  • Accessibility
    • Hearing aids
      - Select to enable hearing air compatibility.
    • RTT settings
      - Configure Real-time text (RTT) settings.
      • Real-time text (RTT) call
        - Select to allow messaging during a call.
      • Set RTT visibility
        - Set to Visible during calls (default) or Always visible.