Configuration File
Configuration File

Configuration File

All RxLogger settings are stored in a file on the device, permitting remote configuration and mass deployment of setting files using an enterprise mobile management (EMM) system.
The RxLogger configuration file is human-readable, but it should not be edited by hand as doing so can lead to unpredictable behavior. Zebra recommends modifying RxLogger settings only through the RxLogger UI.
  • File name:
  • Location:
  • With external SD Card:
  • With no external SD Card:
    When a new settings file is pushed to the device, RxLogger restarts all affected modules and applies the new settings immediately.
Copy the file from the device to a host computer using a USB connection. Edit the configuration file through the RxLogger UI and then replace the JSON file on the device. There is no need to stop and restart the RxLogger service because the file change is automatically detected.