Replacing the Battery
Replacing the Battery

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the battery in the TC53 and TC58 devices.
User modification of the device, particularly in the battery well, such as labels, asset tags, engravings, stickers, etc., may compromise the intended performance of the device or accessories. Performance levels such as sealing (Ingress Protection (IP)), impact performance (drop and tumble), functionality, temperature resistance, etc. could be effected. DO NOT put any labels, asset tags, engravings, stickers, etc. in the battery well.
Do not add or remove microSD card during battery replacement.
  1. Press the Power button until the menu appears.
  2. Touch
    Battery Swap
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Do not remove the battery until after the red LED completely turns off. Loss of data may result.
  5. Wait for the red LED to completely turn off.
  6. If hand strap is attached, remove hand strap.
  7. Press the two battery latches down.
    Do not attempt to insert fingers under the latches when pulling on the battery. Damage to the latches may occur.
  8. While pressing the latches down, press the two latches in toward the center of the device. The latches must be pressed in completely to release the battery.
  9. Lift the battery from the device.
    Image of battery lifting.
  10. TC53 - Has a power menu option to swap the battery. Replace the battery within 60 seconds. The memory is persisted.
    TC58 - Does not have the power menu option. The device is active (including the display/touch) for the first 30 seconds and then the device enters Memory Persistence Mode for at least 60 seconds. If the battery is not replaced within this time (30 seconds True Hot Swap plus 60 seconds Memory Persistence Mode), a reboot (by pressing power button) of the device may be necessary.
  11. Insert the replacement battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment in the back of the device.
  12. Press the battery down until the battery release latches snap into place.
  13. Replace the hand strap, if required.
  14. Press the Power button to turn on the device.