Random Access Memory
Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory

Executing programs use RAM to store data. Data stored in RAM is lost upon a reset.
The operating system manages how applications use RAM. It only allows applications and component processes and services to use RAM when required. It may cache recently used processes in RAM, so they restart more quickly when opened again, but it will erase the cache if it needs the RAM for new activities.
The screen displays the amount of used and free RAM.
  • Performance
    - Indicates memory performance.
  • Total memory
    - Indicates the total amount of RAM available.
  • Average used (%)
    - Indicates the average amount of memory (as a percentage) used during the period of time selected (default - 3 hours).
  • Free
    - Indicates the total amount of unused RAM.
  • Memory used by apps
    - Touch to view RAM usage by individual apps.