Installing Applications Using a microSD Card
Installing Applications Using a microSD Card

Installing Applications Using a microSD Card

Use a microSD card to install applications on your device.
When connecting the device to a host computer and mounting the microSD card, follow the host computer’s instructions for connecting and disconnecting USB devices, to avoid damaging or corrupting files.
  1. Copy the APK file to the root of the microSD card.
    • Copy the APK file to a microSD card using a host computer (see USB Communication for more information), and then install the microSD card into the device (see Replacing the microSD Card for more information).
    • Connect the device with a microSD card already installed to the host computer, and copy the .apk file to the microSD card. See USB Communication for more information. Disconnect the device from the host computer.
  2. Connect the device to a host computer using USB.
  3. Copy the application APK file from the host computer to the microSD card.
  4. Remove the microSD card from the host computer.
  5. Press and hold the Power button on the device until the menu appears.
  6. Touch
    Power off
  7. Press the two battery latches in.
  8. Lift the battery from the device.
  9. Lift the access door.
  10. Insert the microSD card.
  11. Replace the access door.
  12. Insert the battery, bottom first, into the battery compartment in the back of the device.
  13. Press the battery down until the battery release latches snap into place.
  14. Press and hold
    to turn on the device.
  15. Swipe the screen up and select to view files on the microSD card.
  16. Touch
    SD card
  17. Locate the application APK file.
  18. Touch the application file.
  19. Touch
    to install the app or
    to stop the installation.
  20. To confirm installation and accept what the application affects, touch
    otherwise touch
  21. Touch
    to open the application or
    to exit the installation process.
    The application appears in the App list.