Installed Applications
Installed Applications

Installed Applications

Aside from the common Google apps, the Zebra-specific apps that are installed on the device are described in this section.
Battery Manager App Icon
Battery Manager
- Displays battery information, including charge level, status, health and wear level, and use to place device in Battery Swap mode when replacing the battery.
Bluetooth Pairing Utility
- Use to pair peripherals with the device by scanning a barcode.
- Enables data capture using the imager.
Diagostic Tool App Icon
Diagnostic Tool
- Use to diagnose the device.
- Provides a way to demonstrate the data capture features using the imager.
Heater Control App Icon
Heater Control
- Use to check the status of the heater and sensors when using the device in cold environments.
License Manager
- Use to manage software licenses on the device.
PTT Express App Icon
PTT Express
- Use to launch PTT Express client for VoIP communication.
- Use to diagnose device and app issues.
Phone App Icon
- Use to dial a phone number when used with some Voice over IP (VoIP) clients (VoIP telephony ready only). WAN devices only.
Settings App Icon
- Use to configure the device.
- Allows the device to stage a device for initial use by initiating the deployment of settings, firmware, and software.
Velocity App Icon
- Opens the Ivanti (formerly Wavelink) terminal emulation app.
Video On Demand App Icon
- The Video on Device basic app provides a how-to video for proper device cleaning. For Video on Device licensing information, go to
Worry Free Wifi Analyzer
- A diagnostic intelligent app. Use to diagnose surrounding area and display network stats, such as coverage hole detection, or AP in the vicinity. Refer to the Worry Free Wi-Fi Analyzer Administrator Guide for Android.
Zebra Bluetooth Settings
- Use to configure Bluetooth logging.
Zebra Data Services App Icon
Zebra Data Services
- Use to enable or disable Zebra Data Services. Some options are set by the system administrator.