Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Digital Camera

The device with an integrated camera based barcode scanning solution has the following features:
The integrated camera is intended for light-duty barcode scanning. For heavy-duty scanning, 100 or more scans per day, use the 2D imager.
  • Omnidirectional reading of a variety of barcode symbologies, including the most popular linear, postal, QR, PDF417, and 2D matrix code types.
  • Cross-hair reticle for easy point-and-shoot operation.
  • Picklist mode to decode a particular barcode from many in the field of view.
The solution uses the advanced camera technology to take a digital picture of a barcode, and executes state-of-the-art software decoding algorithms to extract the data from the image.
On camera only devices without an internal scan engine, the back camera is used for barcode scanning.