Fusion features that require the purchase of a Mobility DNA Enterprise License.
  • Prevent disconnect when roaming during sudden loss of access point.
  • Prevent disconnect when roaming if infrastructure initiates disconnect.
  • Wi-Fi optimization for Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Remote configuration using a Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Real-time statistics and WLAN event logging
  • 802.11v
  • Call Admission Control/TSPEC/Voice Prioritization
  • Fusion Configuration Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Power Management (WMM U-APSD)
  • EAP Methods (LEAP)
  • EAP Methods (GTC) Dynamic Pwd Fast Roam (CCKM)
  • CCXv4
  • Channel Mask
  • Band Preference
  • Traffic Monitor
  • Restricted Wi-Fi User Interface
  • Subnet Roam
  • Auto Time Configuration
  • Soft Access Point Regulatory (Channel Selection)
  • Disconnect Suppression
  • WorryFree Wi-Fi