Cleaning the ZD611D Printhead
Cleaning the ZD611D Printhead
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Cleaning the

Clean the printer's printhead often to maximize print quality and printer life.
Always use a new cleaning pen on the printhead (an old pen carries contaminants from its previous use that may damage the printhead).
The printhead becomes hot while printing. To protect from damaging the printhead and risk of personal injury, avoid touching the printhead. Only use the cleaning pen to perform printhead maintenance.
The discharge of electrostatic energy that accumulates on the surface of the human body or other surfaces can damage or destroy the printhead and other electronic components used in this device. You must observe static-safe procedures when working with the printhead or the electronic components under the top cover.
When you load new media, you can also clean the printhead.
  1. The printer is open for replacing the media roll or performing printer service.
  2. Rub the cleaning pen across the dark area of the printhead. Clean from the middle to the outside. This will move adhesive transferred from the outer edges of media to the area outside of the media path. Do not use the cleaning pen on the platen roller.
  3. Wait one minute before closing the printer.