How to Load Roll Media – ZD611D
How to Load Roll Media – ZD611D
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How to Load Roll Media –

This procedure works for Tear-Off (standard bezel), Label Dispense, and Media Cutting printer options.
  1. Slide the release latches to the front to unlock the cover.
    Shows the ZD421 opening cover
  2. Spread the roll holders open and place the roll into the printer.
  3. Verify the roll turns freely. The roll must not sit in the bottom of the media compartment.
  4. Pull the end of the roll past the front edge of the printer.
  5. Push the media under both of the media guides.
    Shows the printer with media flipped up to access the movable sensor.
  6. Flip the media up to access the sensor and the backside of the media.
  7. Align the movable media sensor for your media type.
    Shows default sensor position with standard label and receipt media.
    1 – Default Sensor Position (transmissive web/gap sensing)
    2 – Standard Labels
    3 – Standard Receipt (continuous roll shown in the printer)
    Shows the sensor position for speciality media with marks, holes, or notches.
    1 – Off-Center Positions (Reflective)
    3a – Blackline Label
    4a – Black Mark Label (shown in the printer)
    2 – Notched or Hole  (label or tear-off)
    3b – Blackline Tear-Off (continuous)4b – Black Mark Tear-Off (continuous)
    4b – Black Mark Tear-Off (continuous)