Other Printer Maintenance
Other Printer Maintenance

Other Printer Maintenance

There are no other user-level maintenance procedures beyond those detailed in the rest of this section. The Real-Time Clock (RTC) battery, printer fuses, or power supply fuses are not user-serviceable in this printer.

RTC Battery

A Real-Time Clock (RTC) is included with the printer. The clock’s battery is rated to provide approximately ten (10) years of service and is not user-replaceable. See a Zebra authorized service technician to replace the circuit board.
You can discern a low battery if the printer provides a consistently delayed date stamp. Battery replacement must be performed by a qualified service technician. Only use a Zebra-approved replacement battery.
Recycle batteries according to local guidelines and regulations. Wrap the battery when disposing (or storing) to avoid a short circuit.
Do not heat, disassemble or dispose of battery in fire.
Do not short circuit the battery. Short-circuiting the battery may result in heat generation, fire or bursting.


There are no replaceable fuses in the printer or power supply.